We keep our people engaged in a friendly and active environment, encouraging activities such as reading, talking, playing games, and social interactions keeping your loved one comfortable with their daily activities. Our caregivers are compassionate, always promoting positive thinking helping to maintain the health and wellbeing of your loved one, offering attentive and dependable service. They also can run groceries or help with bill payments, restaurants and movie theater outings.

Our companion care services include:

Friendly and supportive talk.

Seniors often long to reminisce happy memories. When your loved one longs to reminisce about life experiences and favorite personal stories an in-home companion caregiver can be there as an attentive listener.

Plan and encourage social activities

Being active and maintaining a level of independence are important for the health and gladness of your senior parent. Our companion personnel can help to plan visits with family and friends, trips to the zoo, shopping trips, or make crafts.

Encourage active thinking

Some research findings support the benefits of staying mentally active to ward off much of the mental decline associated with aging. Our companion personnel can help structure pastimes, hobbies and games to keep your senior parent interactive, engaged and stimulated.

Encourage light exercise

Senior Adults can gain greater mobility, quality of life, and independence by participating in activities they most enjoy. However, they still may need a little motivation, so our companion personnel can go with your loved one on walks and encourage regular light exercise.